Rochester Interfaith Jail Ministry

Rochester Interfaith Jail Ministry is an ecumenical ministry that serves incarcerated people in the Monroe County Jail (Plymouth Avenue in Rochester), and in the Monroe Correctional Facility (on East Henrietta Road in Brighton NY), and in the Orleans County Jail.

Volunteers facilitate therapy groups organized around a curriculum based on the book “Houses of Healing, a Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom” authored by Ms. Robin Carsarjin, and published by Lionheart Press. The program provides inmates with information on human nature and different ways of seeing things in order to promote their greater understanding and self-awareness. Using alternative ways of perceiving people and circumstances, they are empowered to choose peaceful, non-combative responses to life's challenging circumstances. The therapy groups are offered in cycles of four to eight weeks depending on the needs of the particular facility.

Volunteers enjoy seeing participants gain new insights about themselves and the world, and often feel personally enriched by the self-knowledge they gain through facilitating these groups.

Those wishing to volunteer in these programs must attend training classes offered by RIJM, and then be approved by the corrections staff of the institution where they will serve.

Phone: Ascension Office 585-458-5423

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A photo of a prisoner stick his hands out of his cell door