Youth Intervention and Aftercare Ministries (YIAM)

Youth Intervention and Aftercare Ministries (YIAM), under the direction of Richard Laidlaw is convening group Cognitive Behavior Therapy (GCBT) group sessions for 16 and 17 year old youths in the Monroe County Jail (MCJ) that are charged with offenses serious enough for them to be tried as adults. Pending the outcome of their cases, they may either be released back to their homes, or if found guilty, sent to state prison. For those who expect to be released back into their neighborhoods, he is with permission from their parents, goes into the neighborhoods and does post release work with them. The focus of the groups is to “change behavior” primarily through GCBT, and in writing journals about their feelings. Individual aftercare plans are developed in collaboration with the director of services at the correctional facility. Plans may include steps toward education, jobs and staying clean.

For information and inquiries pertaining to Prison Re-entry and Aftercare Ministries (PRAM), contact Dick Laidlaw at To view examples of recent CBT session agendas, click here.

Photo of young man looking out window